Spark and Grow Workshops

Sign up by 29 October
Price: Free

At Doorstep Arts we understand that for people in the early stages of their adult lives and careers, now is a hugely uncertain and potentially unsettling time. The performing arts industry is in crisis, and we don’t know where things will end up.

We want to support you during this weird time. We want to encourage the creation of work and the people who want to make it, here in South Devon.


Workshops, Networking and Peer Support

We are hosting a series of workshops and open sessions which aim to equip participants with some practical knowledge to explore what it means to be self-employed, help get their creative ideas off the ground, make connections as well as provide a safe space for discussion. These sessions are open to anyone aged 18-26 living in South Devon, who has an interest in making live performance work.

We think this will be of particular interest to young people who have recently left education and are considering or are at the early stages of pursuing a creative career. You don’t have to be a performer, writing or directing might be more your thing or you might have lots of ideas that you don’t know what to do with- this is an open course for anyone that wants to get involved.

Workshops will be delivered by producers Mair George and Luke Jeffery. These will be informal sessions lasting 45 minutes where you’ll be encouraged to take part. These free sessions will take place on Zoom. You don’t have to commit to attending all sessions, just sign up for the ones that interest you.