Space to Connect

Thursday 26 November, 6pm
Price: Free

At Doorstep Arts we understand that for many people, now is a hugely uncertain and potentially unsettling time. The performing arts industry is in crisis, and we don’t know where things will end up. We want to support you during this weird time. We want to encourage the creation of work and the people who want to make it, here in South Devon, irrespective of age.

This open meet-up session will provide a space for you to meet with creatives at different stages of their career and to explore what’s important to you right now. We won’t set a topic, instead we’ll open up the virtual space to anyone who wants to chat and connect.

We recognise that for young people starting out on their career journeys there are few opportunities to network and meet the community of wonderful artists making work in and around Devon, and we think this will be a great opportunity to do just that.

Email to find out more or to sign up!