Protest & Rebellion Project

Ongoing, April-August
Price: Free

Doorstep is continuing to develop our HLF-funded project on Protest & Rebellion throughout the Covid-19 Lockdown. The work is happening via digital exchange, including heritage research, script-writing, song-writing, design and some subversive cabbage-growing.

Placing current extinction/climate protests into long-term heritage context, this project is making historical patterns of protest and rebellion in South Devon and Torbay more visible.

An ensemble of young people aged 11-20 is exploring past protest/rebellion in Torbay, devising an original musical production which is increasingly digitized within the evolving creative process. This process has startied with historians and heritage organisations contributing and sharing source material. Drawing on this research, young people are working with the Doorstep team and visiting professionals to devise a response. What form will this take? That is still being determined.

There are still opportunities for young people to get involved, either as a member of the creative team, or by submitting their responses to our open call in May/June.

If you are a young songwriter, musician, writer, performer, visual artist, filmmaker or director aged 11-20 and you’re keen to be involved in the creative team, get in touch.

Email to find out more.