DAS Musical Theatre (Juniors, age 7-11)

Tuesdays and Wednesdays 6-7pm
Stage Left, Palace Theatre, Paignton
Price: £70/term (Payment plan and bursary support available)

Doorstep Arts Studio Courses (DAS) are termly courses to support children & young people to develop performance skills, including acting, singing, dance, and music. Doorstep Lead Artist Polly Ferguson-Carruthers, a musical theatre specialist, leads all DAS courses.

We focus on teaching singing, dancing and acting in a very gentle, young person-led way. Like all of our groups, we want our young people to have creative choice and freedom within the sessions while learning specific MT tools. It’s important young people know they don’t have to be an ‘incredible’ dancer/singer/actor to join DAS. We meet each child where they are and hope we can support each child on their own individual journey.

We also have an opportunity for Juniors & Seniors to complete Arts Award. More information will come later in the term.

For more information please contact polly@doorsteparts.co.uk