BBoy & BGirl breakdancing classes

Mondays 5-6pm - taught skills session
Mondays 6-7pm - open training time
Palace Theatre, Paignton
Price: £65/term

Ricoshea (aka Michael O’Shea), a core member of the internationally acclaimed Just 4 Funk breakdance crew, offers breakdance classes in partnership with Doorstep Arts on Monday evenings. Sessions are open to anyone aged 8+.

This is NOT like a “streetdance” choreography class. At these classes you will learn authentic BBoy/Bgirl (breakdance) foundations including toprock, footwork, spin moves and freezes. You will also get the chance to take part in shows and come to battles.

These are full-on training sessions, open to all abilities, from beginners up to intermediate.

Please note: these are not drop-in sessions, and a full termly commitment is required to take part. Please email to register and pay the termly fee of £65 (11 sessions).