20 Jul 2021

Summer Sharings & Introducing Laura

Our Saturday drama groups performed their end-of-term sharings on Sat 17 July – big thanks to the parents and carers for coming along to watch in small bubble audiences! What a delight to be back together, performing again and celebrating their creativity!

We are thrilled to announce that after the summer break, these groups will be led by Doorstep Associate Artist Laura Whittet. Laura is a facilitator, writer and performer with a degree in Musical Theatre. She also trained at The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts (ALRA) where she completed her MA in professional Acting.

She’s been working with the Doorstep groups over the past year and is so excited to be taking on the Lead Artist role in September. Co-Director Jade will still be popping in lots to say hi to the groups and do special producing projects with them as part of our Doorstep Theatre Platform. Wahoo – exciting times ahead!

The Saturday Seniors developed a piece that was performed in the round. This was based on Ruby’s character journey of 2020.

Their piece covered an inspiring amount of topics, from the Australian bush fires to the Black Lives Matter protests.
They wanted to use their voices to make sure that these major events wouldn’t get forgotten about.
Our senior groups also explored peoples emotions around these topics and used music as a way to portray this. We had original songs and live singing/playing during this piece thanks to our talented musicians Pip and Antonia.

They also introduced us all to Wifi Nymphs, who are obviously key to the everyday operation of running the internet!

Our Saturday Juniors created an unusual story about unique and familiar characters from the world of modern gaming!
In their world, animals turn into Humanimals, their characters can eat Mario and Luigi’s Pizza and they can amazingly jump into the world of Minecraft through nothing other than a portal!

It was so lovely to share this piece at the end of term and our performers wowed us with their incredible costume ideas and creations. All of the children contributed towards our spectacular end result.

Little Doorstep have been taking the moon for a walk within their sessions this term! They were inspired by the book ‘I Took the Moon for a Walk’ by Carolyn Curtis and have collectively been creating beautiful movement sequences, as well as listening to and voting on soundtracks. Our group also decided that we should perform in our pajamas!

Within one of our sessions, the children hand painted a moon which ended up as part of our set. Ted also helped to direct the piece too. We were very busy this term creating their wonderful short piece and it was delightful to be able to share this with our families.

Laura and Jade are so proud of all of their groups hard work this term and Laura can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with her next term!