22 Jun 2022

Producing Praxis: Final Video


Film edited by Amy Mellows


‘Here is our film documenting the White Moon process! It was a joy to document this process and the wonderful cast and crew. Enjoy!’ – Amy Mellows


“We were incredibly proud of Doorstep Youth Theatre’s, young person led production of White Moon, written by Scarlett Howard.The 20 person ensemble learnt to direct, facilitate, perform, produce and design every aspect of the show.  We also toured the piece to ACTA Community Theatre in Bristol where Alana hosted a brilliant Q&A afterwards. Sam and Jade were blown away by their work, the way they conducted themselves on tour as they did it all with such professionalism, joy and support for one another.”- Jade


“This amazing crew of young people have made their own show – totally themselves. They’ve written it, directed it, composed the music for it, choreographed it, designed it, costumed it, and teched it.” – Erin


A massive congratulations to everyone in Doorstep Youth Theatre for their three performances of White Moon at The Palace Theatre, Stage Left and one on their tour to ACTA Community Theatre in Bristol!


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