Doorstep supports young people to develop their skills, creative work and careers in the arts. Our Pathway programmes supporting young people’s progression as emerging artists, producers, technicians and researchers.

If you’re interested in getting experience of working professionally in the arts or want to explore creative progression routes now and in the future, look through the links to our programmes below and get in touch with us!

Creative Pathways

Creative Pathways provides opportunities for young people aged 13-25 to create their own alternate pathways, developing skills as researchers, artists, producers and active agents of change. Young people co-produce and drive their own artistic projects, inviting others to collaborate with them and identifying the input they need from the Doorstep team. Increasingly, young people are taking leadership roles to produce, fundraise and create their own independent projects and reflect upon the process. You can find our more about our Creative Pathways programme here.

Foot in the Door

Our Foot in the Door mentorship programme creates clear progression routes for young people who aspire to become emerging artists. If you are interested in working professionally in the arts, Foot in the Door provides work experience opportunities and internships as well as paid apprentice and assistant roles, with opportunities to get involved in creative work across all of Doorsteps varied programmes. You can find out more here.

Space to Connect

Through the year, we convene regular training, discussion and support spaces for theatre practitioners, teaching artists, producers and technicians to collaborate, problem-solve and learn. These include individual sessions and peer-networks for people at all career stages, including:

  • Training sessions and webinars
  • Mentoring support
  • Industry pairings and networking opportunities

To find out more about our Space to Connect and upcoming sessions, contact Mair George at