Halloween 2020

Hey ho for halloween, when all the witches can be seen
Some in black and some in green, Hey ho for halloween.

Happy halloween! Here are some spooky stories to entertain you on the 31st October, when the
veil between the worlds is at it’s thinnest. Don’t worry, there are no strange hooded figures in this




1. The Girl and The Pumpkin
When the invitation arrives to Grandma’s Halloween party, the girl wonders what scary costume
she will wear this year. Find out who she meets on her way through the thorny thicket to grandma’s
house and how this clever child manages to get back home.



2. Hairy Toe
If you put a hungry old woman, an angry giant and a pot of stew into a story, well, this is what you



3. The Dauntless Girl
Mary is fearless. She isn’t afraid of ANYTHING. The farmer knows it, but the blacksmith bets him
that he can think of something to frighten Mary. The blacksmith’s idea would scare the likes of you
and me, but will it be enough to scare the girl who’s not afraid of anything? After all, Mary is a girl
who can win the trust of a ghost …



The Witch by Percy Holt was the first poem that I learnt by heart when I was a child. It took me a
while to learn it. I took it line by line, chunk by chunk and kept repeating it until I could remember it
and have fun speaking it out loud. How about having a go at learning the poem yourself? Then
you’ll have a party trick every Halloween.

The Witch, by Percy Holt

I saw her plucking cowslips,
And marked her where she stood:
She never knew I watched her
While hiding in the wood.
Her skirt was brightest crimson,
And black her steeple hat,
Her broomstick lay beside her –
I’m positive of that.
Her chin was sharp and pointed,
Her eyes were – I don’t know –
For, when she turned towards me –
I thought it best – to go!



Design a Pumpkin Face for Sara’s pumpkin
Send in your ghastly pumpkin face designs for Sara’s homegrown pumpkin.



Sara Hurley, storyteller.