03 Feb 2018

Jiving for the First Time

Post written by: Erin Walcon

Doorstep Youth Theatre have been getting jive lessons the last two Monday evenings from the wonder that is Lisa Briggs – we have our last session with her this upcoming Monday 5 Feb.

She’s taught us an amazing amount so quickly! It’s all part of our Spring term dance focus across all our Doorstep groups… getting ready for the Dance on Your Doorstep event in the upcoming Doorstep Theatre Festival.

Lisa is part of the awesome live music collective The Hot House Four, and is a key driving force behind the new speakeasy venue the Lucky Seven Club in Paignton, where they are regularly hosting Lindy Hop evenings for adults. She kindly agreed to pop down the street and work with DYT on a few Monday evenings – and it has been an absolute blast.

We’re still developing the narrative of the piece… we know it’s going to be a physical theatre story about an underground dance scene, and will involve newspaper touches in the costumes and have a lindy/jive-influenced dance feeling. We think there’s a love story somewhere in it. We’re still finding our way, week by week.

There are plans to share this piece as a work in progress at the RAW Outreach Platform on 24 Feb at the Exeter Northcott, alongside students from 12 secondary schools.

Meanwhile, on the side, in the kitchen, Hugh and Jen and I are working on his project – a piece called You, Me and My Voice. This is a really special piece, and I can’t wait to share more about it. More to come!