22 Jan 2020

Insights Into Making Your Own Creative Work

Hey, I interviewed Paddleboat Theatre Company!

Being an emerging artist myself, who is just finding his balance in the world of independent theatre/film it was really interesting to be given the opportunity to interview Paddleboat Theatre Company, as they have already made it over some of the hurdles I am facing, and are now a full time theatre company having recently done a tour of 52 performances in just 4 months (!!!)

But it wouldn’t be fair to keep their insight to myself, so we’ve recorded (and condensed) the interview for your viewing pleasure!

Hope it helps, and have fun.


Yuly took part in an informal work placement in Autumn 2019 with us at Doorstep Arts. He worked alongside me in coordinating and marketing a performance of ‘Clare Hollingworth and the Scoop of the Century’ performed at The Edge in Brixham by the brilliant Paddleboat Theatre Company.

As Yuly explains, he is working on his own creative endeavours and the opportunity to spend some time hearing about Paddleboat’s story from a fledgling project to an in-demand performance company is one he didn’t want to miss out on. Thanks to Paddleboat for taking the time to share your insights and experiences, we hope it inspires those starting out to keep at it.  Here are my favourite tips they shared:

Top Tips!
  1. Work with partners
  2. Bring in an outside-eye
  3. Think about your company as a business
  4. What’s next- think about what your next project is, have an answer or they will forget about you
  5. Go full-tilt or nothing else, it won’t work
Information for artists making work that’s relevant to young audiences

Post written by: Mair, Producer. Get in touch mair@doorsteparts.co.uk