02 Dec 2019

Imagined Futures Part 6: My Final Day

Day 10,

I popped along to the Antyx HQ for my final good bye, spent a few hours planning the evening session (my final one with the young people) for Stephanie and Alia’s trip to the UK and generally saying goodbye.

I didn’t take any photos because I wanted to put my phone away and be present with everyone.

During the session with the young people, we shared some of the footage that DYT had created for them, then they filmed short responses to the work. This was by way of sharing what its like living in Calgary and also summarising life in Canada generally!

We discussed what our most memorable meal was and why.  It was such a simple and yet meaningful question to explore and the stories that were told from the young people who shared were so powerful. The collaboration between The Alex Community Centre and Antyx Community Arts is to explore relationships to food and understand how it connects us!

I left Canada with a full belly, many questions and a warm heart. I look forward to seeing how the project develops and hope that the young people find a way to meaningfully connect with one another, way after the life of the project itself.