Gift Cards

Give the gift of imagination, play and friendship this holiday season

Stuck for present ideas for the kids or grandkids? Don’t want to buy yet more STUFF they don’t really need? Wish they were dancing, laughing, singing with friends rather than sitting and staring at screens all winter?

Look no further than our Christmas Gift Card for a full-term studio course with Doorstep Arts!

With the gift of an 11 week Musical Theatre course (including a final performance) you’re giving them so many things in one pressie:

  • the freedom to explore their natural creativity
  • a way to release all that pent-up energy
  • a warm, supportive space to express themselves
  • the chance to make new friends for life
  • a proven way to help gain confidence and develop communication skills
  • …and most importantly, have a great time!


“Would my child / grandchild be right for this?”

Musical Theatre Courses are available for ages from 4 – 20 years old. Absolutely everyone is welcome – from shy types to really LOUD ones!


“I’d like to find out more”

More info on all course details can be found at: Or feel free to drop us a line – just email to ask questions.


“How much do the courses cost?”

Courses cost just £70 per 11 week term (less than £6.50 per session)


“We would LOVE to do this, but we just couldn’t afford that much…”

At Doorstep, we really the value the positive things taking part in drama brings to young people’s lives – we see it every day! And we don’t believe that financial limitations of parents should exclude children from these invaluable experiences. If you are unable to afford the course fees, please give us a call and we can discuss a way to make sure your child / grandchild doesn’t miss out.


“Sounds great! How can I book?”

To book a place and receive your Christmas Gift Card plus free tote bag, please email or give the Doorstep office a ring on 01803 55 88 11 (please do leave a message if no answer – we are out and about a lot!). When you’ve booked up, we’ll send out your Gift Card and free tote bag.