22 May 2017

DYT Rehearsal 22 May 2017

Post written by: Erin Walcon


Tonight at Doorstep Youth Theatre rehearsal:

  • We had a go at shaping the story.
  • We turned the princes into pigs.
  • We harmonised Glue.
  • We think that Red pushes back against the child and that’s why he enters the story.
  • We made a list of all the boring things that happen after Happily Ever After.
  • We spoke about how hard it is to be a mother.
  • We killed off Jack.
  • We might bring Jack back to life, we haven’t decided yet.
  • We lost the Bakers’ baby.
  • We asked for more lyrics.
  • We decided that ‘Who is at Fault?’ is an important question.
  • We took on tasks, we took them away.
  • We all learned the Red Hood Army song – or began to.
  • We started over again when we had to.
  • We knew this was the end of the base of the triangle.
  • We stretched.
  • We decided that children’s playtime clapping could become fighting.
  • We had to forfeit and run around the circle.
  • We know that something bad must happen, but we’re not sure what it is yet.
  • We created Jives.