20 Jul 2021

DYT Projects

Over the past two terms, Doorstep Youth Theatre have been working on their own independent self-led creative projects. These were conceived and begun whilst still working on Zoom in Jan/Feb/March, and then when we returned to live face-to-face sessions in April, we began work on them in person. This work is part of our Esmee Fairbairn-funded Producing Praxis project, where young people are reflecting on project-based learning and their own creative pathways. The music projects are also supported by our work with the DAISI Soundwaves Youth Music project.

Introducing… the projects!


Letters from Lockdown

Tilly Croose & invited collaborators


Sustain A Life

Mia Moxhay, Toby Brooks, James Copland


Walks By The River

Verity Soley, Khaya Crocker


Radio Play

Wesley Lang


The Last Supper

Pierce Budnyj



White Moon

Scarlett Howard