Creative Hero Awards


The Creative Hero Awards have been established to celebrate the incredible efforts of educators working to provide opportunities in art, music, drama, dance and creative writing/media. Our schools are full of unsung heroes – let’s celebrate them.

These awards are co-hosted by a partnership of Torbay creative and cultural organisations, including Torre Abbey Museum, Sound Communities CIC, Artizan Gallery, Daisi, Dance in Devon, Torquay Museum, Participate Arts, We Need Music, Moor To Sea Music Collective and Doorstep Arts. We received a record number of nominations this year – see the full list below. 


Nominees for the Creative Hero Awards 2020

Name of nominee School name
Moira Devonport Kings Ash
Louise Darvid Riviera Education Trust – Shiphay, Roselands, Oldway
Mrs Susie Woods Oldway Primary School
Emma Gorman Shiphay Learning Academy
Sam Krauss Brunel Academy
Lucy Pitcher Ivybridge Community College
Louise Knapman-Singh Totnes School of Dance
Yvonne Bakewell King Edward vii Community College
Miss Leer Canada Hill Primary School
Delphine Knott Canada Hill Primary Ogwell
Mrs Polly Booth Furzeham Brixham
Nicola Timmins Mayfield Chestnut Centre
Jo Dark The Nest, Preston Primary School
Hannah Chapling All Saints Marsh C of E Academy
Beth Curtis Exeter College
Mark Brudenell The Grove
Mrs Dowell Barton Hill Academy
Mrs Janet Hardacre Barton Hill Academy
Mrs Pollard Barton Hill Acadamy
Mrs Bastin Preston Primary
Pam Burridge Mayfield College Occombe house
Hayley Matthews Mayfield/Chestnut
Frankie Crewes Mayfield College
Mr Eccles Barton Hill Academy
Mr Witall Barton Primary School
Mrs Fiona Burgess Barton Hill Academy, Torquay
Grace Jolley Jolley Tuition
Sara Al Turki St Cuthbert Mayne
Victoria Charles Brixham College
Mr Ellis Barton Hill Academy
Dr Penwill St Cuthbert Mayne
Mr Taylor Barton Hill Academy
Simon Brown Highweek Community Primary And Nursery School
Mrs Turner St Margaret’s Academy
Mr Robinson St Margaret’s Academy Torquay
Miss Rebecca Blackhall St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School Buckfast
Mr Grey Barton Hill Academy
Mrs Russell St Margarets
Delphine Knott Canada Hill Primary
Sarah Pappin Torquay Academy
Mrs Janet Lyons Canada Hill Primary
Rev Nathan Kiyaga St Cuthbert Mayne
Mrs Martin Barton Hill Academy
Pam Burridge Mayfield College
Susanne Kenny Mayfield School
Lisa Richards Collaton St Mary Primary School
Alice Winsor Sacred Heart
Nathan Swain-Sachs Mayfield School
Paula Valpy Mayfield School
Frankie Crewes Mayfield college- Occombe house
Tamsin Corline Our Lady of the Angels
Tracey Lawrence St Marychurch C of E Primary & Nursery School
Claire Harmer Medical Tuition Service Torbay
Hayley Matthews Mayfield/Chestnut