Covid-19 Guidance

Keeping within the Government Guidelines we wanted to share the following information to hopefully ease any worries you may have.

  1. Theme – ‘In My Shoes’

    As always, we love to have a theme for each of our groups to work from throughout the term. So, this Autumn we will be using the theme – ‘In My Shoes’. This theme will focus on celebrating everyone’s individuality and uniqueness. We will explore what makes us similar to others and how we can positively learn and celebrate each other’s differences, however big or small, all through the joy of drama, dance and play.

  1. Time of each session

    The only difference for our sessions is our Little Saturday Drop-In & Little DAS Wednesday. These sessions will now be 45 minutes long, rather than 1hr. This will allow staff 15 minutes to clean the space for the next group to attend. This information will be clearly stated when you hear from each lead artist once signed up for the term.

  1. Don’t bring toys to sessions

    We usually love our children bringing in toys to share in the session, however we ask that parents please refrain from allowing children to bring in items to avoid any germs spreading. Children can bring a drink, as before.

  2. Clean Down – Keeping in line with COVID-19 guidelines, after every session, the staff will ensure that there is a thorough clean down of all the handles, toilets and any surface areas that children have had contact with.
  3. No PPE clothing required

    Children should not wear face masks or PPE of any description – this fits with Government Guidelines about keeping children safe in activity settings. You do not need to send your child with hand sanitiser as we have a hygiene routine on site.

  4. COVID-19 Symptoms

    If your child is showing symptoms consistent with that of COVID-19 (loss of taste and smell, fever, shortness of breath) please do not send them to our workshops. Please contact 119 for further support and advise.
  5. First come, first serve

    All groups will be kept under the 15 maximum participant guidelines for Activity Bubbles.

  6. Drop in groups

    All the Saturday Drop-In groups for the Autumn Term will now need parents and carers to pre-book these session for the term. The term is in two sections. The 1st section is a 6-week term and then the 2nd second is a 5-week term. This will allow Doorstep to know who is attending the sessions and to avoid any cross-over spreading. We will keep updated with Government Guidelines, as we hope to go back to a drop-in service for these groups in future.



  1. Drop off and Pick up are going to look slightly different from before in order to keep everyone as safe as possible with traffic flow. Each of our venues: The Palace Theatre Arena, St Mary Magdalene Church Hall and Torre Abbey will each have clear guidelines for your drop off and collection. You with receive these in more detail once you have signed up for the group. A Lead Artist such as Polly or Jade will contact you with this information. We will be following the guidelines of a 1 metre distance lines outside the premises. You will be required to stand on a line, keeping a distance, from the person in front and behind you. You will be greeted by a member of the Doorstep Team, and they will then take your child into the premises. As soon as your child has entered the building, with a lead facilitator, we will then take your children to wash their hands and then the session will begin.
  2. We ask if you can leave promptly when you have dropped your child off – please don’t gather at the entrance as we need to maintain social distancing from the next group arriving.

  3. Punctuality is important – please don’t arrive too early, or late, as you will then crowd the entrance for other groups. Being on time is an important element for this to work, as well as good discipline generally for the craft of theatre! 😊


  1. If there is a second lockdown, we will provide each of our groups with an online service, which will include Zoom sessions and videos and activities to access. Each video and Zoom session will vary, depending on the groups. DAS will focus on dance technique and monologue rehearsal. Saturday Drop In Groups will explore creating stories from scratch and playful approaches. All groups will continue to explore the theme ‘In My Shoes’ with a digital plan.


  1. All our groups for the term will have no more than 15 participants (including facilitators) in each session. This means we will require all parents to book their child’s space on their chosen sessions (including drop in sessions) prior to the term beginning. This will ensure your child/children’s has an allocated space and this will then be their existing bubble for the term.
  2. We are asking for families to secure their child’s space by booking online.
  3. Please note once the term begins, we will not be added any additional children to the groups until the next term. The Autumn Term consists of 2 terms – (6 weeks and then a 5-week term). Children will be added to a waiting list if they miss the sign-up date.
  4. Please remember, this is a first come, first serve basis, and we will not be able to ‘squeeze’ your child into sessions – please make sure you’ve booked early.
  5. Once you have booked your child’s place, you will receive an email from a Lead Artist outlining further details of the sessions prior to the start of term.



We are aware that COVID-19 has affected many families financially during this period. If your family income has been negatively impacted by the pandemic and you find yourself unable to pay for sessions, please contact us and we can discuss options – there is some emergency support available. We do not want any of our usual participants to have to miss out on sessions due to financial pressures. If this applies to you and your family circumstances, please contact our finance administrator Marie Copland – Marie will be happy to discuss options. We are here. Please talk to us.



All staff at Doorstep will ensure that all our workshops are joyful anxiety-reducing spaces. As such we will not be requesting children to socially distance in sessions – risk will be mitigated by the bubble system, and we will encourage children to behave in a relaxed and joyful way while in the rehearsal room, which includes their physical proximity to each other within their bubbles. We will be very mindful of children in session and aware there may be children who are feel anxious about this new phase we are transitioning into. Please feel free to contact us to help us understand how we can best support your family in any way we can.

We understand this is a lot to digest, so thank you for taking the time to take it all in. We look forward to hearing from you.