28 Jun 2017

Agony is bliss!

thumbnail_IMG_20170628_215726_403Completely ecstatic with the work the seniors have been developing this week. They are doing a great job at exploring their characters by reacting and responding to one another. Each actor is taking steps to build their confidence in what they are doing and being really proactive which is just want we need on a production such as this.
In particular the song ‘Agony’ has really moved forwards. Rather than just having two Princes singing on there own, they now have a large ensemble performing with them. This ensemble consist of a group of ‘Ladies in Waiting’ literally waiting for the two main Princes to take notice of them. These ‘Ladies in Waiting’ are there to give the Princes comfort and sympathy during the song. Also there are younger Princes onlooking the situation. Confused as to why they are not receiving any attention, as they are of course just as handsome and manly as the lead Princes.  The song is now a large ensemble piece that should leave the audience smiling from ear to ear.

For next week this group will be focusing on posture, presence, status and voice. They now need to connect the physicality of their characters and understand about holding a space, having power within a room and know how to use that power.

Well done DAS seniors, you’ve worked hard this week and I am looking forward to future progression.