Doorstep is supporting SW-based artists who aspire to create their own performance work – and providing regular scratch platforms in Torbay where original work is shared at various stages in development. Doorstep wants to create a climate in the region which supports artistic risk taking, where new work is shared in-progress for audiences whose feedback can help it to develop.

Our current model includes direct financial and mentorship support for emerging theatre-makers, artists, technicians and companies in Torbay. In 2021, we will be providing mentorship schemes for emerging artists to create new pieces of work through our Spark & Grow bursaries (application dates and details coming soon).

Through Make in Torbay, we pair artists from Torbay and elsewhere with cultural and education partners to create new, site-responsive work through a residency model with wraparound engagement. Artists can test new work with audiences, response to new environments and engage with children and young people as critical friends and collaborators.

We also continue to provide artistic continuing professional development sessions, and to ensure that our Doorstep Theatre Platform includes a scratch sharing platform, which can also support more developed artists and companies to share their work for regional & national producers.

Our Pathways programme and Foot in the Door mentorship scheme create clear progression routes for young people who aspire to become emerging artists, technicians and producers, as well as those who want to develop their own vital, transferable, creative skills. We want to grow a new generation of scratch artists in Torbay, bridging the gap so that young people can make the leap from our participatory groups into working as artist.

To enquire about our support programme for emerging artists, contact Doorstep Co-Director Erin Walcon –