Foot in the Door

Doorstep Arts provides work experience for Torbay young people who are interested in working professionally in the arts and would like a chance to get their foot in the door with the industry. Our Foot in the Door support scheme takes three possible forms, each of which progresses onto the next:

  • Work ExperienceA week-long intensive taster of work in the arts.
  • InternshipsA longer term voluntary commitment.
  • Apprentices & AssistantsFacilitating drama sessions with younger students, supporting a full production in a technical/production role, or by assistant-producing the Doorstep Theatre Festival. Assistantships are paid posts are for older young people (aged 16+) who want to work professionally in the arts.

Once a young person has worked as an apprentice or an assistant for Doorstep, we provide mentorship, training and support for you to move to Associate Artist status, and if appropriate, eventually to Lead Artist. Any interested young people are welcome to contact us, year round. To enquire about how to become a work experience student or about how to apply for an internship or to be an assistant, email Jade Campbell –