Open Doors

Doorstep Arts works to develop arts enrichment for schools across South Devon - both at the school sites and also by providing free outstanding opportunities for young people at our events. We advocate for 'Open Doors' - where students are getting out to see incredible theatre work off-site and where artists regularly come into schools to enrich curriculum, support teachers and provide residences & outreach.


RAW Outreach

Foot in the Door

Doorstep Arts provides artist residencies and outreach to schools in Torbay and beyond. Where possible, we subsidize the offer so that it is free for schools. Sample residencies include: RAW Outreach for secondary drama teachers, safeguarding training with partners Dialogue Consultancy, and dance workshops for transition aged students (years 6 & 7).

Residencies can be shaped around your school's needs and timetable.

Contact us - to find out more or to set up a meeting.

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